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stop smoking hypnotherapy manchester

stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Thinking of giving up the habit?

You can give up smoking in just 1 session. Why pay between £300 and £400?

Path can provide hypnotherapy to help you quit. You can save £95 on average every month just by stopping the habit. (working on the average a person smokes is 15 cigarettes a day)

Have a phobia you would like to conquer?

Has something happened to you in the past that is preventing you from living your life to the full? Hypnotherapy can help you discover what is holding you back, whilst you remain in full control.

Many believe that a hypnotherapist can make you do something you do not want to do, this is a myth, for hypnotherapy to work the client must want it and allow it to happen. The therapist will carry out an initial consultation when it can be decided if hypnotherapy is for you.