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Therapy and Counselling ManchesterChoosing a Supervisor for your clinical practice is an important decision. I hope the following information provides you with enough information to make the correct choice. If you wish to discuss supervision for your practice, or require any further information, don’t hesitate to call me.

Supervision is a central form of support that can facilitate personal development, encourage new ideas, highlight strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate theory and practice. It takes into account all the different aspects as they become appropriate.

Counselling is mostly done in isolation, where some cases can be complex and exhaustive, and, can create vulnerability that can impede the ability to execute therapeutic change and development.

A Supervisee can be supported and inspired in order to promote growth, which, ultimately, serves and protects the needs of the client.

Supervision is one aspect of continued training that monitors the supervisee’s practice, ensuring the safety of both client and therapist.
Supervision is an ethical requirement that ensures accountability.

About the Supervisor

I am a qualified, experienced counsellor and hypnotherapist, who applies an integrative approach to therapy and Supervision. I have, for nine years, supplied Supervision to counsellors, diploma students, social workers, carers, private companies, and health professionals.

I place a keen emphasis on developing a good working relationship with Supervisees, one that provides space to be imaginative, while remaining structured and ethical. I have been in receipt of continued Supervised Practice for fifteen years.